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TCB Partners

TCB Partners

Those of us in-the-know understand success is all about connection. The most recognisable millionaires and billionaires are always the first to say that their success did not happen alone, but is instead a humble credit to those they decided to surround themselves with.

If you need or want to get connected to people of influence, I invite you to explore my own successful network and meet a few of the most important people that surround me.

I’ve carefully selected these key partners to assist in the growth of my business as well as those of my clients. These dynamic, high-value entrepreneurs are global thought-leaders in their respective areas, and have been absolutely critical in getting me where I am today.

Paul Dunn

Paul transforms you. His accolades are far too many to mention, though he was recently featured in Forbes magazine alongside Sir Richard Branson in a global piece on ‘disrupters’ in business, and has delivered 4 TED Talks, among other honours. In short, it's fair to say that everytime Paul speaks, either from a big stage or in a more intimate session with a business or organisation, it changes lives.

This is because he is the best there is at helping entrepreneurs connect to the Purpose (or WHY) of what they do. Paul connected me with the real reason why I get up in the morning, and this has critical for the development of the TCB brand.

Currently, Paul is Chairman of Buy1GIVE1 (B1G1) -- a global giving initiative that connects you in a much deeper way to your team, yourself and your marketplace. For example, imagine a cafe giving access to lifesaving water for every coffee they sell, or -- for every client they mentor -- a coaching business helping educate a child in need.

At TCB, we’re proud to be a part of B1G1, and to also give back. We believe that businesses with a real sense of purpose can change the world. If that sounds like you, or you want to hear Paul speak, I strongly encourage you to reach out to him at paul@b1g1.com

Donna Meredith
Live It Up

Donna is magic. A renowned coach and mentor, Donna’s no-fluff approach blends traditional and contemporary philosophies to cut-through roadblocks, accelerate peak performance, and open the door to exponential profits. Founder of LIVE IT UP 360, Donna also works side-by-side with international thought leaders and mentors as a Global Consultant Trainer with Wealth and Talent Dynamics, and previously co-creator and Program Leader with David Dugan on his Elite500 Mastermind.

Donna guided me to look at both my life and my business in what she calls “full perspective”; that is, in addition to having a strong mindset and clear strategies in business and life, I must also “step up” to be “the best possible version of myself” in order to make it all happen, as she says. If my brand and this website displays that version of myself, which I think it does, I owe much this wonderful woman.

In her own adventure, Donna has guided and mentored hundreds companies in this way from startups to global enterprises, as well as impacted thousands of entrepreneurs, from “solopreneurs” to some of the most recognisable names in business. It’s worth a quick email to her, donna@liveitupcoaching.com.au, to see how she might also positively impact you and your business.

Jason Canniff
Canniff Communication Consulting

Jason is a piano for words. His stellar reputation for helping time-starved entrepreneurs solve their most pressing communication and copywriting needs, from short-term needs as “simple” as personal branding to more ambitious projects such as high-profit sales and landing pages to comprehensive quarterly and yearly communication strategy and design, has placed him in high demand amongst established enterprises and some of the more exciting startups in Australia.

Recently, he helped a busy Banker and Microfinance Expert rebrand herself, accelerating her social media reach by over 500% in less than two weeks. Soon after, she was approached by global banking organisations for prestigious speaking engagements and consulting opportunities.

By working with Jason, an owner-operated UK based Health and Fitness enterprise now has a clear purpose (or “Why”), a strong message, and comprehensive strategy to connect with their ideal customers, increase premiere memberships, as well as open franchises within the next few years.

He’s been an invaluable wordsmith for me at TCB, and he is currently consulting with some of the most recognisable business coaches and mentors in Australia, as well as supporting Roger James Hamilton’s Fast Forward Your Business events and iLAB Entrepreneurial Accelerator programs in Bali. Jason is currently reviewing new client applications at http://goo.gl/forms/RnHcz0ElW4.

Deborah Harris
Decisions Plus

Deborah makes beautiful machines. Her machines are the elegant systems and automated processes that all businesses need to be successful and, more importantly, for their owners to free up priceless time and energy to enjoy their real lives outside their business. For her, this means quality time with her own family. With that core purpose in mind, she founded Decisions Plus so that business owners could also free up their life and their business while at the same time competing and growing on a higher level. To enjoy life, and to eat all the cake you want.

Businesses at “the big end of town” have enormous budgets and can payroll teams of experts to get way ahead. Smaller businesses work with what they got. To compete, smaller businesses also need a team of experts across a broad range of areas though without high end price tags. Sadly, if they try to do it all themselves, things like family suffers.

In response, Deborah developed a revolutionary, professional support resource that allows small and medium businesses to access expert knowledge, at affordable prices, in accounting, legal, human resources, sales and strategy. These collaborative, systemized, multi-disciplinary advisor teams help business owner make better decisions, for their businesses and for their real lives. To see how her team might create more time and profits for your life, email her directly at deborah@decisionsplus.co.

Melanie Colling
Purpose Driven Projects

Melanie is the project whisperer. As a certified project management professional, she has an impressive history of bringing strong communication and people management skills to her various places of employment, where she earned an industry-wide reputation for successfully managing teams to deliver their powerful value to the market while still maintaining high levels of flexibility, collaboration, and outstanding customer service. She’s managed multi million dollar projects for companies such as NAB, Telstra, BP Oil, Medibank, SA Health, Origin Energy, BHP and 7-Eleven, just to name a few.

As an equally talented entrepreneur, Melanie is currently using her industry-leading track record and experience to help entrepreneurs deliver valuable and innovative work to the world, and in the most profitable way possible, as she has done so beautifully with me at TCB. With Purpose Driven Projects, she wanted to shift her focus to more closely support small to medium enterprises instead of large corporations. Try connecting with Melanie at

contact@purposedrivenprojects.com.au to create a personalised, step by step plan together with supported execution for accelerated business and team growth.

Sue Papadoulis
Publicity For Profit

Sue is an angel with the media. If you’ve seen me on TV or in the newspapers, Sue’s invisible hand was behind it all, helping me attract new clients by getting free publicity in the media. As she is fond of saying, if people don’t know you exist, you don’t exist. If it wasn’t for Sue, I’m not sure I would.

As a seasoned journalist and Public Relations expert, Sue understands how important it is for entrepreneurs and businesses to make people aware of they do, but dislikes the froth and bubbles of typical PR campaigns. Her company, Publicity for Profit, teaches entrepreneurs how to do their own PR work, with authenticity and style, and get massive results.

As a PR industry disruptor, her team at Publicity for Profit helps people get publicity in the media -- such as TV shows like Sunrise, the Project, Today Tonight and on blogs like the Huffington Post and Kochie’s Business Builders -- by sharing insider journalism secrets to attract amazing media exposure without hiring an expensive and wasteful PR firm. If you’ve wondered how you can your unique story out there and in front of the right people, consider visiting http://publicityforprofit.com.au/ to find out more.