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TCB Entreprepreneurs (iLAB)

It’s my passion to help people gain full clarity on who they are and where they want to be, and it’s my privilege to guide and closely support these entrepreneurs towards becoming the very best at what they do, as well as make a profound difference in the world.

As the Global Facilitator at iLAB, a 15 or 30-day Entrepreneurial Accelerator program in beautiful Bali and South Africa, I live and work with such high-level entrepreneurs to find their flow, discover their purpose, design their lives, and create global enterprises in an intensive, yet nurturing atmosphere.


What’s awesome about iLAB is the opportunity for you to work on your business (instead of in your business). The truth is that most of us are actually the monkey wrench stuck in the gears, and it’s remarkable what happens to our bottom line when we simply get out of our own way and gain fresh perspective.

That new vision cannot happen alone or in a vacuum. By working closely with some legendary mentors at iLAB, you’ll create brilliant new purpose, chart ambitious new milestones, then immediately implement proven strategies and step-by-step action plans to ensure your profitable vision becomes real.

If that describes you, then I’d absolutely love you to join us in Bali or South Africa real soon.

The key is flow. You might ask, “the key to what?” Well, pretty much everything, and I think that’s pretty cool. And I’d like to share more about what that means, why it gets me excited, and how it might be relevant to a rising entrepreneur like you.

You might then ask, “really, Terri, the key to everything?”

Fair enough. There are more than a few coaches and “gurus” who make these kinds of universal claims and wrongly profit from good people.

So, I’ll get to it. I believe that our capacity to achieve the kind of personal and business growth we want has little to do with “effort” or “working hard.” Those are cliches which no longer serve us. Instead, getting what you want is about being in flow.

Flow, simply put, is aligning your personality type with your daily activity and rhythm. If done with purpose, then you lay the foundation for everything else, whether that is accumulating wealth or impacting social change.

Staying in flow is often harder than it sounds. Life places a variety of demands on us and, before we know it, we are doing things we don’t like for reasons that may not even be our own. When you are in flow, you are energised. When you are out of flow, you are drained and tired.


Some of us are naturally good at ideas and innovation. Others are more brilliant with people and networking. Some of us are highly sensory and can nail timing. And still others thrive in details and can build the beautiful machines that make the world go round. At iLAB, you’ll discover who you are, what you’re a genius at, and how to turn that into success and profitability for you and your business.

When the right person is doing the right thing, it’s pure magic. On the other hand, you can be a head-in-the-clouds thinker who takes a desk job shuffling papers. Or the introverted math whiz who finds himself in an awkward customer service job. All square pegs trying to fit round holes. There’s a disconnect, from oneself and one’s true potential in the market and in life.

And this definitely applies to entrepreneurs and their enterprises. The business may be a wrong hole. Or we are trying to be the wrong peg. Or, both may be right, but our team or support systems are way out of alignment. Or the marketing is off. And so on.

In a nutshell, in order to get where you want to go, you have to know exactly where you are. In order to know where you are, you have to know who you are. Once those bits are taken care of, then it gets really exciting, and I’d love to be a part of that journey with you at iLAB in Bali or South Africa.

There are only a few iLAB sessions left for this year. So, if you want to truly accelerate your business, your personal growth, and your positive impact in the world, hit this link now to apply for your spot.

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