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Coach Dynamics Mastermind



Get wealthy supporting others to do the same.

Join an elite group of 10 mission-based coaches, mentors, and consultants fully committed to becoming the best in the world at what they do.  A structured 11-month journey into what it takes to do exactly that and also make a profound difference in the world. Intimate access to global leaders, their proven roadmaps and legendary motivation.

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This program is perfect if you are a …

  • Serious entrepreneur who’s had a coaching, mentoring, or consulting business for at least one year
  • Have a current revenue of at least 5K per month
  • Need the opportunity to work “on” your business and not just “in” your business
  • Do too much by yourself and feel overwhelmed or isolated
  • Want support building the right team and securing profitable partnerships and joint ventures
  • At a stubborn income barrier and want immediate solutions to new cashflow
  • Need hands-on help closing sales and landing high value clients
  • Would benefit from exclusive access to the most latest tools, templates, business models and direct support to fast-track your milestones
  • Want to redefine your ultimate purpose and live an even more vibrant life


Several times, each month. You’ll have a guest expert webinar, a dynamic group coaching session with Terri, as well as a powerful accountability session with TCB’s Commitment Coach, respectively. Also, do count on regular bonus sessions with some special guests you’re sure to recognise. 


Online, with Zoom. As long as you have reliable internet, meet us there, from anywhere. Just show up as your awesome self. Be prepared to contribute to the community, receive generous support from others, and kick some butt implementing new solutions right afterwards. 

Here’s How it Works

Each month’s theme is specially designed to solve the most common challenges facing coaches, consultants and mentors just like you. Scroll right to discover how the expert team at TCB plan to, step-by-step, work with you and your enterprise to break through your current growth and income barriers.

Know Your Strengths

In order to get where you deserve to go, you have to know exactly where you are. To cinch powerful results from this 11-month journey, you’ll complete some absolutely essential homework.

First, complete a sophisticated talent test to better know and embrace your strengths, then a detailed wealth assessment to discover your real position and potential worth in the global market.

Strategy Session

A 1-on-1 session with Terri, the #1 Coaches Coach, where she’ll debrief you on your test results and get you launched on a profitable strategy for your business and a fresh design for your whole life.

You’ll chart measurable 1 and 3 year goals, as well as complete a hyper-detailed schedule to force you to stay accountable, focused, and in your most natural flow toward more abundant wealth.

Decision to Destiny

A clear vision of the future is often obscured by blinders we aren’t aware of or strategies and habits that hold us still or even shift the needle backwards.

Instead, decide that the future is a fate you make. What is that future? When will it happen? Who will join you? How will it all happen? In this special session, chart a brilliant destiny and get the structure and guidance to meet it with confidence and tenacity.


Why do you get up in the morning? Why do you personally do what you do? Join the remarkable Paul Dunn as he connects you with your purpose in life and in your business.

You’ll use that priceless knowledge to create and empower your personal brand, as well as energise your company, products and services. Then, get expert marketing tips on how to deliver your supercharged identity to your ideal customers.

Coaching Genius #1

As an entrepreneur, you know that how you start your day is how you finish, how you start your week is how you finish, and how you start your month is how you finish, and so on…

How you start is how you show up, physically and mentally. This month, with the power of a community in your corner, go toe-to-toe with your worst habits and knock ‘em dead. Restructure and electrify the ways you arrive each day, week, and month — to yourself, your family, your clients, and the global market.

Market Match

People don’t pay you for what YOU love. They pay you for what THEY love. From this angle, “market research” need not be a tedious chore, but instead a rewarding journey of the heart.

Simply walking a mile in their shoes goes only halfway. With the help of marketing experts, learn how to feel why your ideal clients love those shoes, so that you can irresistibly offer them the world they already seek.

Profitable Promotions

How much net income do you have each month? Each quarter? How many zeros does it have? What would it take to add another zero? How about another?

In this business, the rubber truly meets the road only at the moment a profitable promotion plan is executed. Never sooner. Get detailed templates and step-by-step models to transform the zeros you have into the zeros you thought you could only imagine.

Ultimate Performance

In today’s entrepreneurial revolution, where droves of people are jumping into the game, experts say it is your commitment to personal performance which will separate you from the herd.

Join Donna Meredith as she brings countless experience into the mix. With an East-meets-West approach, she’ll guide you how to identify and overcome your most stubborn limiting beliefs, evolve to your ultimate level, and truly differentiate and distinguish yourself in the global market.


When a businesses is not growing as desired, the solution is often to stop being a solo hero and instead surround oneself with the right people and a great team.

At this point on the journey, you know first hand the value of a tribe. This month, become a genius at building teams, forming strategic alliances and attracting profitable partnerships.

Coaching Genius #2

One action is better than a billion intentions. In Coaching Genius #1, you worked hard on your vision and the big picture. Now, accelerate into measurable action and results.

A no-frills, kick-butt month. Hear the mistakes and triumphs of global leaders. Learn their proven systems and techniques with clients, then dare to do it even better.

Money Measures

Time to show you the money. Forget sifting through the dizzying variety of financial applications and systems available for entrepreneurs. Some of them are fine, but not quite right for the job.

Get what works for the rockstars in this niche. No fancy bells or whistles. Only the structure and guidance to more properly measure your money and effectively keep it flowing and growing.

Gaining Leverage

Leverage too fast, and something always slips. The wisest person builds their house upon the rocks, and this must involve outsourcing.

You’re already a genius at team building. Broaden that scope by mastering the management of those teams in order to keep all the plates spinning. Learn how to free up priceless time and boundless energy to fully leverage your enterprise, capture more leads and convert into fresh sales.


You are now a Master! A month of sharing and collaboration, revisiting what is needed or desired. Everything comes together, a bit like a symphony orchestra.

But more like a rock concert, where legends are born. You’ll take a crack at a solo under the spotlight. That is, you’ll practice your newly energised business concept with the group, then unleash it on the global stage and make a wider impact.

Meet The Mentors

The team at TCB is comprised of the most in-demand global leaders who are renowned for helping coaches, mentors, and consultants just like you quickly set up the systems and habits to immediately break through income barriers.

As if passing magic, you can newly help others by how these mentors help you. Be with the best, then become the best. Scroll right to learn more.

Paul Dunn
Chairman of Buy1GIVE1

It’s fair to say that every session with Paul changes lives. It’s equally fair to say that he is the best there is at helping entrepreneurs connect to the Purpose (or WHY) of what they do.

Currently, Paul is Chairman of Buy1GIVE1 (B1G1) — a unique ‘giving engine’ that connects you in a much deeper way to your team, yourself and your marketplace — and can be seen regularly on TEDx.

Donna Meredith
Founder, Live It Up Coaching

A renowned coach and mentor, Donna’s no-fluff approach will blend traditional and contemporary philosophies to cut-through your roadblocks, accelerate peak performance, and open the door to exponential profits.

Founder of Live It Up Coaching, Donna also works side-by-side with international thought leaders and mentors as a Global Practitioner Leader with Wealth Dynamics and Program Leader with Elite500 Mastermind.

Terri Christine Billington
Founder, TCB

Founder of TCB and at the forefront creating sustainable financial success for coaches, allowing them to live a fun, vibrant lifestyle igniting them to do the same.

Terri was the #1 Global Female Business Coach for ActionCOACH and is currently the Global Lead Facilitator for a renowned International Entrepreneurs Program.

Who’s In Already





It’s Your Year. Your Turn.
The style and intensity of Coach Dynamics Mastermind is not for everyone, but might be perfect for you. To create the best community possible and to protect each investment, each candidate is carefully reviewed to guarantee that everything will rock how it should and that we’ll have a blast together in the process.

For less than the price of a used car, get access to the must-have skillsets that’ll scale your enterprise, plus the structure and guidance to ensure profitable, sustainable growth that’ll pay off for a lifetime, for you and your amazing clients.

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