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About Terri Christine Billington

About Terri Christine Billington

Some say I’m a bit out there. I’ve twice skydived from over 14,000 feet, competed in the Clash of the Paddles outrigging event around Hamilton Island, and made a showing at the Australian Naturals Bodybuilding Competition. 

In a business context, I am definitely out there too, which means I never hesitate to stand up in front of a company or a group of entrepreneurs and say what’s on my mind. Some say I share too much, but I totally believe in giving away the farm. Generosity, all the way. In that spirit, I speak, I coach, and I write books, among many other things.

Bottom line, I love-love what I do. I have the unwavering conviction that you (and I) should be able to do what we love for a living and get rewarded abundantly for it.

This belief resulted in me becoming the Number 1 Global Female Business Coach for ActionCOACH and, now, the Global Lead Facilitator for a renowned International Entrepreneurs Program. It’s also brought me into great company; I was runner-up to mining magnate Georgina Rinehart for the Telstra Business Women’s Award. And just for fun, I co-authored Living an Abundant Life, Millionaire in Training, and Ms. Millionaire, and thrilled to launch a new book very soon (stay tuned!).

From these experiences, I know that the only person who can change something in your life is you.


And it’s this that gets me up every morning, living my passion to help others lead inspiring, meaningful, highly successful lives so that they in turn inspire those around them to do the same.

This abundant energy I have for others is, my family knows, driven by my strong desire to be the best example I can for my 3 girls, so that they live a life that’s full of the magic of family.

Impossible to mention everything here, so do explore this site and get a feel for my style and what I can offer. I am the first one to admit that I am not the right fit for everyone, but if what I say and how I say it on this website resonates with you, we definitely should connect.

Together we can definitely unleash the entrepreneur inside you. I’m really looking forward to hearing from you.

Let's Rock!

Terri Christine Billington

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